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 Develop. Implement. Manage.


We are a dynamic duo that provides the highest quality Health and Safety Services and Industry Leading Equipment. Our dedicated team is here to support you in your Health and Safety System Development, Implementation and Management. 


Jamie Francis, CRSP


Jamie has over thirteen years of experience as a Canadian Registered Safety Professional. She specializes in External Auditing, Pre-Audit Program Preparation, Program Development, Providing Technical Safety Support, Managing WCB Claims, Maintaining Data Bases with HSE Information, Development and Management of Health and Safety Systems and Training and Orientation Program Development. 



Ray Francis


Ray Brings over seventeen years experience in both drilling and completions. He specializes in providing you with the equipment required to keep your most valuable assets safe and ensure you are meeting the highest level of industry best practices. 


Our Mission is to provide health and safety services by developing, implementing and managing custom safety programs and providing rental equipment to keep your most valuable assets protected. 

Our goal is to honour native land, protect your people, and your equipment. 

Let's build a safety program suited perfectly to your business together. 


Safety Services:


  • Development and Management of Health and Safety Management Systems

  • External Auditing for ENFORM, AASP, CCSA

  • Pre-Audit Safety Program Preparation

  • Develop a Competency-based training program

  • Procedure Development and Implementation

  • Ensure Compliance with applicable legislation, IRP’s

  • Provide Technical Safety Support to fixed and field locations

  • Manage WCB Claims and Coordinate Modified Work

  • Maintain Databases with HSE Information

  • Statistical Analysis and Trending

  • Development and Management of Health and Safety Management Systems

  • Training and Orientation Program Development


Safety Equipment:


  • Fire Suppression Unit

  • Fire Suppression and Decontamination Shower Combo Unit

  • Decontamination Shower Unit

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